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News and The SpaceStation introduces SpaceStation Stories

Rich media is a powerful creative tool for mobile ad campaigns. The newly launched SpaceStation Stories are interactive and intuitive full screen rich media executions for mobile and app, served across the full network including News24, Fin24, Business Insider, Sport24, Channel24, Wheel24, Health24, Traveller24, Parent24 and W24. and The SpaceStation introduces SpaceStation Stories
“This creative execution allows advertisers far greater user interaction that makes it a very effective tool to drive users from the awareness phase through consideration to conversion,” says Mike Allen, Head of Ad Tech at

Users navigate through the story chapters, including beautiful full screen imagery or video, to a final call to action banner where they can interact with the brand or share details directly in the banner on their phone.

“The advantage of SpaceStation stories, unlike Instagram stories, is that it is live for longer than 24 hours and clickable to a destination URL. This format is equally suited for top of the funnel brand ads as well as conversion and lead generation campaigns," adds Craig Nicholson, Sales Director at The SpaceStation.

The technology behind SpaceStation Stories also allows for increased trackability, interaction and engagement metrics. By combining these metrics, it becomes very easy to measure the success of the campaign beyond the click.

SpaceStation Stories are now available in mobile and app across the verticals.

8 Oct 2019 11:36