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The SpaceStation announces new partnership with SouthernX

In line with international market trends, The SpaceStation and SouthernX have announced a partnership that gives the digital media sales house direct access to programmatic buying solutions through SouthernX. The partnership enables The SpaceStation's sales team to offer clients highly advanced programmatic sales solutions - in-house.
The SpaceStation announces new partnership with SouthernX

This partnership, where a programmatic media marketplace partners with the in-house sales teams of a top publishing network, is one of the first of its kind in South Africa and shows how the industry is following global programmatic growth trends.

“Partnering with SouthernX in this initiative will allow our clients a single point of access for both direct, and programmatic based media buys,” says Gustav Goosen, CEO of The SpaceStation. “This will give us access to the best programmatic technology and that, coupled with our world-class inventory across our exclusive network, adds an enormous amount of value for our clients.”

The SpaceStation offers creative, customised, innovative and engaging advertising solutions to strategically targeted audiences across a range of premium digital platforms including web, mobile, app, email and interactive TV. This provides the opportunities for powerful cross-platform and multi-channel integration of campaigns and the addition of programmatic buying will create a true holistic service offering.

“SouthernX has seen that successful publishers in other markets have integrated programmatic buying into their sales teams’ arsenals as an added tool to empower the team,” says Paula Raubenheimer, MD of SouthernX. “We are excited to be partnering with The SpaceStation as we feel that in order for publishers to fully embrace the benefits of programmatic buying, it cannot be seen as a separate sales point.”

23 May 2016 12:29