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Survey reveals how parents feel about tech and internet

Parent24, a leading parenting website, recently conducted a survey with their readers and discovered that a whopping 90% of them believe that high tech devices provide a learning opportunity for their child's development. 95% of the readers also feel that the internet can benefit their child's education.
Survey reveals how parents feel about tech and internet
This feeling is reflected in the ownership of devices in the home with 87% of them owning either a PC or laptop, and 71% a smartphone. Interestingly, the move towards tablets was not reflected in the results with only 29% of the parents owning one.

Children were also recognised as great influencers of their parents' shopping habits. Whilst we all know that children have a great degree of influence, the results were higher than expected with 72%, 64% and 56% of the respondents stating that their purchases of food, toys and clothing (respectively) were influenced by their kids.

The positive relationship with tech is reflected in the users own online activity, with 55% spending more than three hours on the internet each day, 78% accessing the net from work and 58% using online articles as a resource to assist them in making online purchases.

"It is clear from our survey that the Parent24 reader is an extensive online user," says Gustav Goosen, CEO of The SpaceStation, who exclusively represent Parent24. "Parent24 has grown in recent years in this niche environment to become the number one source for South African parents online."

Says Nicola Darkin, the channel sales manager for Parent24 at The SpaceStation, "The site deals with all parenting issues from getting pregnant right the way through to the teen years. It offers support in the form of both valuable information, and honest, real-life parenting stories. There is an obvious trust in the parenting advice with 98% of our surveyed users naming it as a trusted source of parenting information."

The survey also discovered that Parent24's reader gender split was fairly even with 53% of them being moms and 47% of them dads. 53% are under the age of 40, and 30% of them have children between the ages of 2 and 11 years.

The SpaceStation, who exclusively represent Parent24, have developed an infographic to reflect the survey results that can be found at

Survey reveals how parents feel about tech and internet
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11 Dec 2013 11:17