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KLA, local market research firm, joins YouGov's Global Partnerships Programme

South African market research agency KLA is proud to announce its new affiliation with YouGov, as part of YouGov's Global Partnerships Programme.
KLA, local market research firm, joins YouGov's Global Partnerships Programme

An international research data and analytics group, YouGov’s data-led offering supports a global customer-base including media owners, brands and media agencies via its on-stream, reliable data tools, working with the world’s most recognised brands.

KLA’s research director Caitlin Bauristhene says: “It isn’t enough to have data. You have to have the right data, of the right quality, at the right time. If the role of data is to empower business leaders to make fact-based decisions and navigate changing times with a degree of sure-footedness, then the data has to be recent, robust and on-tap. This is why we have partnered with YouGov.”

“We’re excited about YouGov’s products, reputation, geographic footprint and working models, not to mention the potential of this partnership for our country and for Africa. The opportunity to use tried and tested research innovations and platforms to democratise access to a continuous stream of consumer data is ground-breaking for South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa,” says Steph Matterson, MD of KLA.

By bringing YouGov’s ‘Plan & Track’ solution to South Africa, KLA will have at its disposal two connected data tools: YouGov Profiles and YouGov BrandIndex.

YouGov Profiles makes it simple to find and understand the audience that matters to clients, by incorporating 250,000+ data variables, while YouGov BrandIndex measures the public’s perception of brands within competitive sectors, on a daily basis.

These measurement tools enable clients to track brand reach and resonance, with deep consumer profiling that can be linked back to how each respondent reacted to the brand. Specific use cases include:
  • Monitoring ongoing brand health performance
  • Tracking reactions to unforeseen events in real-time
  • Benchmarking against key competitor brands
  • Evaluating impact of campaigns
  • Understanding new and potential customers along the purchase funnel
  • Identifying what media channels will engage a target audience

Stephan Shakespeare, CEO and co-founder of YouGov, said: “As we continue our global growth, YouGov is excited to partner with KLA, which is recognised as a leader in research in South Africa. The relationship will help YouGov establish our brand in South Africa and give KLA the great benefits our Global Partnerships Programme provides. As well as gaining access to YouGov’s technology platforms and suite of data products, they also plug into our infrastructure, helping them to grow their business and expand their client base. We are looking forward to working with KLA to bring the best online research data and tools to customers in South Africa.”

The partnership also means immediate access for KLA and its clients to the YouGov Cube, a proprietary, multidimensional database that makes possible the analysis of hundreds of thousands of data points about consumers’ attitudes and behaviours, while also achieving international benchmarking and comparisons across all of YouGov’s active markets.

YouGov will share its intellectual property, access to its platforms, knowledge about its products, and insights relating to online research in general. KLA maintains the management of its 20,000+ strong consumer online panel that powers the partnership, and will service clients directly from its Johannesburg office, forging authentic connections and delivering meaningful work that KLA clients have come to enjoy. For more information, visit

About KLA

We’re a full-service market research agency known for taking on clients’ challenges and working alongside them to find solutions. We get that marketing strategy, brand consulting and UX are part of the picture. That performance, bottom lines and results matter. That the world is complex and competitive. And that distillation is as important as interpretation. We get that there’s something bigger than data; that designing smart research means asking the right questions, in order to see the world through a different lens. We get that meaningful work comes from authentic connections, and that partnership is the bridge between goals and successes. We get to the bottom of what people really think. And why. We get perspective. And when businesses need insights they can get behind, at KLA, we get it.

22 Sep 2020 07:13

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