Algoa FM listeners on a Wild Goose Chase for Elton John tickets

Eastern Cape commercial radio station Algoa FM is keeping visitors browsing its website for seven minutes or more through a combined on-air and web campaign built around superstar Elton John.
Algoa FM listeners on a Wild Goose Chase for Elton John tickets
Traffic to the website has grown by over 34 per cent as listeners click on to win a VIP package for the Elton John “Under African skies” concert being held in Port Elizabeth on March 26.

“More importantly, visitors are spending over seven and a half minutes on the site, which was the objective of our ‘Wild Goose Chase' competition,” says Chris Wright, Algoa FM New Media Manager.

“We wanted to educate the listener about the many products and services offered by Algoa FM through the site.

“Not only is this a new concept for online and on-air radio competition integration, but it is a fun and challenging way for listeners to interact with in a manner beyond the standard competition formats.

“Our listeners have a feeling of accomplishment when they have successfully entered the competition and this has translated into a multitude of feedback messages from excited listeners expressing how much fun they had had during their ‘chase'.”

The “Wild Goose Chase” is a treasure-hunt which takes visitors on a journey through the many layers of the site by following a series of clues.

An Algoa FM initiative, “it has taken on a life of its own. The listeners have created discussion blogs to try and swop clues. It's working amazingly well for us and the concept is definitely something that we can offer to clients in the future,” says Wright.

23 Feb 2010 11:49