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Welcome to the Press Office is a South African domain name and website hosting provider. Innovation, superior value-added business solutions and a dedication to quality and service set us aside from the competition.
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5 online trends for South African SMEsWhere is it all happening? Online, of course. According to Statista there are now 38.13 million active internet users in the country. 18 Jun 2021 Read more

Website myths that could be keeping your small business smallIf you've got a small business, you probably have a website, right? Actually, according to statistics, less than 64% of small businesses have websites! 19 Apr 2021 Read more

How to find the best web hosting provider for your websiteA website is the 'unsung hero' for many companies. It is always on, always ready to convert visitors into potential customers, or relay their website queries through to your sales staff post-haste. Unless of course, your website hosting isn't up to scratch, then the chances of any of the above actually happening are slim. 26 Feb 2021 Read more

What's Site Builder can do for your small businessDoes your small business have a website? If not, 2021 could be a great year to consider getting your business online. Statistics show that a large majority of consumers research companies and their competitors before engaging with a few. Not having a website means you are not even in the running. 28 Jan 2021 Read more

Why Local Hosting?Is the website hosting that is powering your business' website a priority of yours? Business owners have a lot to think about and hosting is generally the IT department, web developer or web designer's "baby". However, if your website's performance is important to you, and we know it is, then so should your website hosting and its provider. 1 Dec 2020 Read more