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From design, to our creative innovation, and expert execution, Studio[K]irmack is your creative production partner. All things digital including E-Comm photography, video and engaging digital content.
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Studio[K]irmack x Tshepo Jeans: Facilitating the future of South African e-commerceIn the 21st century, e-commerce is a pervasive and ever-growing part of our everyday lives. From global leaders in the game like AliExpress, eBay and Shopify; to local brands connecting their products to consumers all across the country; the ability to present high-quality, 'real-feel' images is a crucial part of connecting with audiences; drawing their interest and providing an online shopping experience that they'll want to return to. Now, local fashion legends Tshepo Jeans partnered up with leaders in e-commerce visual solutions, Studio[K]irmack : whose range of world class, cutting edge technology will elevate the beloved denim brand's online store from a digital adaption of their top class in-store service; to an e-commerce experience to rival any fashion label around the world. 6 Aug 2020 Read more

E-commerce content will never look the same againAs dawn broke into 2020, e-commerce was already storming the markets. But the global lockdown on business and trade stamped on that trajectory's accelerator. In three short months, the pivot from brick-and-mortar into the e-commerce universe has been dramatic. 21 Jul 2020 Read more

Smart technology set to fast forward e-commerce imagery and digital designAs the South African economy comes back to life after the lockdown necessitated by the tragedy that is Covid-19, e-commerce companies are racing to innovate and better serve customers. As supply chains slowly roll into action, a problem retailers and brands now face is how to quickly create the content required to market their goods. 13 Jul 2020 Read more