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Founded in 2014 and based in beautiful Cape Town, R-Squared is an Influencer Marketing Creative Agency that designs, builds and executes kickass influencer marketing projects locally and internationally, and is recognised as one of the Top 5 Influencer Agencies in South Africa. Our projects are curated to be engaging, authentic and to protect both brand and advertising agency brand equity.
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How agility affects influence - and resultsThere is a South Africa-born flame-grilled chicken restaurant that is as famous for its chicken as it is for its incredibly clever and on-point marketing. The secret to their success? Owning the narrative. 1 Dec 2020 Read more

Influencing the trend towards excellenceIt is always an honour - and a surprise - when you find yourself rubbing shoulders with truly influential personalities, when the industry you love returns your passion with accolades. 16 Nov 2020 Read more

Why it's important to celebrate the power of African women in mediaI am the CEO of an influencer marketing agency. Sure, we have offices in Cape Town and London. Yes, I am a committee member of the IAB France and the chairperson of the Digital Influencer Marketing Committee for the IAB South Africa. But why would I be invited to judge the APO Group African Women in Media Awards 2020? And why would I be rubbing shoulders with luminaries like Naomi Campbell (yes, the Naomi Campbell - supermodel, actor, business tycoon), Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard (founder of APO Group), Fatma Samoura (secretary-general of Fifa), Dr Rasha Kelej (CEO of Merck Foundation) and a ton of world-renowned heads of business, industry, organisations and governments? 12 Nov 2020 Read more

Balancing the real with the reward - authenticity versus accountability in influencer marketingThe influencer marketing industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, partly because people - not consumers, people - are desperate for a personal connection. The irony of the world becoming more accessible through the web, but also more insular due to current geopolitical tensions, is not lost on the next generation, and it is causing them to actively search for the real in the world. 5 Nov 2020 Read more

R Squared formally partners with syndicated agenciesR Squared announces a formal partnership with industry leaders such as iProspect and Posterscope of the international Dentsu Aegis Network. The move from informal collaboration to formal syndication partnerships provides all R Squared clients with a syndicated network of expert skills and services to amplify their influencer marketing campaigns. 15 Sep 2020 Read more

One voice can make a differenceIt's what makes putting paid media behind your influencer marketing such a great idea. You get the power and reach of paid media, the vast audiences with their volume of impressions but with a select voice giving you true authenticity and bringing focus to your campaign. 3 Jul 2020 Read more

Success comes from an accurate focus on influencer marketingInfluencer marketing is one of the most powerful channels of communication for any marketer - if it is done properly. 12 Jun 2020 Read more

How can a brand advertise when it can't trade?My name is Michelle Marais. I've been involved in all aspects of campaign management for several years at R-Squared, and have recently been appointed as the digital marketing manager. I feel strongly about how brands have adjusted their marketing efforts during this crisis (some have kept limited communication open, and others have closed communication channels due to being unable to trade immediately during this period, disregarding their long-term consumer relationships), and I've written this article to share my opinion on how brands can communicate efficiently with their audience, maintaining brand love, even if unable to trade as usual. 16 Apr 2020 Read more

Influencer marketing during coronavirus: Guidelines and SWOTSome things will change due to crisis management during coronavirus, but the following guidelines are nevertheless true at all times. 23 Mar 2020 Read more

The rise of coronavirus, influencer marketing, and business continuityWhile it's not completely business as usual in light of the coronavirus, R-Squared's operations aren't affected, and measures for business continuity have been taken in order to not disturb existing campaigns and projects, ensuring the highest levels of quality. 17 Mar 2020 Read more

R-Squared shortlisted for Best Boutique Influencer Marketing Agency at Global 2020 Influencer Marketing AwardsThe Influencer Marketing Awards celebrate the best companies from the influencer marketing sector. 3 Feb 2020 Read more

Stéphane Rogovsky named as top industry player for 2019 in Influencer Marketing Top 50 listTalking Influence has named Stephane Rogovsky, CEO of international influencer marketing agency R-Squared, as one of the Top 50 Industry Players in the annual Influencer 50! The 2019 Influencer 50, sponsored by CreatorIQ, is a celebration of the top 50 industry players in the B2B influencer marketing community from 2019 who continue to steer, influence and inspire the industry, whether through technical know-how, thought-leadership, reinventing the wheel, or their role as an industry ambassador. 13 Jan 2020 Read more

Mandatory regulations in influencer campaigns: a battle between credibility and the rulesInfluencer marketing is an industry still in its youth, because of this there are many questions which are yet to be answered - specifically in relation to the law. 'Should Influencer's disclose sponsorship? Will disclosing lower the strength of the influencer over the audience? Are influencers aware of the relevant regulations? Will brands be liable if an influencer does not comply?' In this article we will be answering all these need-to-know-asap questions. 14 Nov 2019 Read more

Unsolicited influencer posts: Ensure perfect brand alignmentHave you ever wondered what to do when an unsolicited influencer makes an unsolicited post about your brand and tags you? Every brand appreciates unsolicited influencers posting positively on their behalf. But how can you ensure that those posts are perfectly aligned with your brand positioning, optimised for positive engagement, and designed to protect the brand equity if the post was unsolicited? 6 Nov 2019 Read more

Stephane Rogovsky to lead IAB SA Digital Influencer CommitteeFollowing IAB SA's recent announcement of new committee members for the IAB SA Digital Influencer Committee, R-Squared Digital is excited to share that its CEO and Founder, Stephane Rogovsky, is the newly appointed Council Lead of the IAB SA Digital Influencer Council. 4 Nov 2019 Read more

Michelle MaraisIt's that time of year. Retailers are preparing for Black Friday and the holiday season. Chain stores are playing Boney M's Little Drummer Boy. Tinsel is appearing as if by magic. Your online shopping cart is full, and you're ready to purchase as soon as the prices drop. Now is the time to plan ahead and book your influencer marketing campaigns for Black Friday. 23 Oct 2019 Read more

Influencer marketing spending on the riseStatistics point towards increasing brand spend on influencer marketing for 2020. What does this mean for your company/brand? Recently, 60% of 18-34 years old in South Africa say that their purchase decisions have been swayed by influencers on social media. (source: eConsultancy). Statistics show that the recent attitude of consumers are fostered by trusted endorsements by persons they feel an emotional connection with - Influencers. Influencer marketing has been on the rise, both in South Africa and globally. 15 Oct 2019 Read more

Influence: Conferences unravelling the power of influencer marketingFor several years, there has been a whole lot of whispers about influencing and reaching customers/clients via influencer marketing. These whispers abound on the internet, and often create confusions regarding the meaning, purpose, skills-sets, persons, and success of influencer marketing. Is there, really, any credit behind influencer marketing? Are we making a big fuss out of nothing? Do we even understand what it is? 8 Oct 2019 Read more

Influencer marketplaces/platforms vs influencer marketing experts: what choice?Marketing professionals and companies looking at exploring influencer marketing must wonder whether it's better to use a do it yourself (DIY) influencer marketing platform or to engage the services of influencer marketing agencies. Well, after reading this, you'll not wonder anymore. 26 Sep 2019 Read more

Influencer marketing authenticityIn recent times, authenticity has become the most arbitrary yet lucrative word among marketers, brands, and even influencers but doesn't it seem almost paradoxical to combine authenticity with marketing? In the conventional sense, maybe. However, when it comes to Influencer Marketing; it's pretty much the sole reason as to why it works. In an influencer marketing survey that asked 170 marketers from CPGs (consumer packaged goods companies), food-and-beverage companies to retailers, 87% of respondents said that "influencer marketing's top benefits entail creating authentic content about their brand." So, why is authenticity so important? 14 Nov 2018 Read more

A global first! BrandNest: Your social insuranceIn the world we face today, with so many potentialities waiting to break us down at any moment, can we really afford to not be covered? On every level? We don't mean the kind of cover your financial insurance company sells you, we mean social cover. 1 Nov 2018 Read more

Is your paid partnership paying off?In a world of uncertainty, can brands and influencers afford to lack transparency and disclosure? Does disclosing a partnership harm or reinforce the credibility of both the influencer and the brand? Why is disclosure of partnerships (besides the legal requirement) important to consumers? If you've been asking yourself these questions, you've come to the right place because in a few short paragraphs; you'll have the answers you've been looking for! 16 Oct 2018 Read more

The good, the bad and the ugly side of influencer marketingYou may have read my previous articles (see links below) and now you know what's needed to successfully run an influencer marketing campaign. You're expecting a great ROI for your efforts. In this final article of the series, you'll be able to see the good and the bad side of influencer campaign planning and management, or the lack thereof. 9 Oct 2018 Read more

The dangers of mismanaging an influencer campaignYou've planned your campaign ahead of time, the campaign has kicked off smoothly and everything seems to be in order. You've run through a risk management process with your influencers and determined how to mitigate brand risk effectively. What if you haven't considered all the factors? 2 Oct 2018 Read more

Influencer campaign planning shouldn't be Mission ImpossibleSo the campaign has finally kicked off! You've read my previous article (see bottom for link) and expertly vetted and selected your influencers and the campaign brief has been circulated to them, easy stuff! However, you've noticed that your audience isn't really engaging with the content and you're starting to question why your audience seems to have become alienated from the brand. Is it the content? Is it the influencers? Is it the concept? There are many things that could have and may still go wrong if the campaign is not planned correctly. 20 Sep 2018 Read more

Influencer selection: The obvious choice is not always the bestIt's finally here: a campaign celebrating the launch of your new fashion brand. You've spent what feels like an eternity working on it, and you're excited to partner with the right influencers who match your energy. Which influencer should you select? A fashion influencer, obviously. Right? Well, the obvious is not always the best and here's why. 7 Sep 2018 Read more

The power of a dedicated influencer marketing strategyInfluencer marketing campaigns that do not incorporate dedicated strategies too often produce disappointing ROIs. Let's explore why. 30 Aug 2018 Read more

Kickass influencer marketingMy transition from a traditional marketing background to an influencer marketing agency was challenging. Having focused on corporate messaging, I could draft technical articles and press releases easily. However, I soon realised that there was an enormous difference in the type of content creation required for both environments. But why? 21 Aug 2018 Read more

Build and use your digital influenceRecently, Stephane Rogovsky, CEO of R-Squared Digital, a leading influencer marketing agency, presented at a Future Females "Build & Use Your Influence" conference. 22 Jan 2018 Read more

Change your perceptionsWe often see exactly what we expect to see, yet profound experiences can change the way we see the world. Perceptions tend to depend upon an individual's assumptions. We construct our own reality on a daily basis. 13 Dec 2017 Read more

Be disruptedThe phrase disruptive innovation is being used by entrepreneurs worldwide at the moment. However, the term is widely misunderstood. What classifies a company as genuinely disruptive? 4 Dec 2017 Read more

The biggest South African disrupting summit of all time16-17 November 2017, at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and International Convention Centre, Johannesburg 15 Nov 2017 Read more

The secrets of influencer marketingWith statistics like $6.85 in earned media value for every $1.00 of influencer marketing paid media*, influencer marketing is dominating the social media landscape. Adweek research states that “94% of those who've used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective”. In order to retain the awareness and your buyers past the initial burst of posts, it's vital to understand that influencer marketing is a relationship, not a business transaction. This requires a strategic influencer marketing approach. 19 Oct 2017 Read more

R-Squared Digital partnering with Sugarbird Gin in influencer marketing crowdfunding campaignIn the current difficult economic climate, it's courageous for an entrepreneur to launch a new business. R-Squared Digital supports South African entrepreneurs and producers, and has assisted one such startup in its crowdfunding initiative to finance its launch. 18 Oct 2017 Read more

R-Squared Digital - proud sponsors of The New Generation Social and Digital Media AwardsR-Squared Digital is partnering with the New Generation Social and Digital Media Awards 26 Sep 2017 Read more