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Ole!Connect combines all the skills that brands and publishers need to succeed in the interactive world of digital media and marketing today, including the much sought after trinity of content, data and technology.
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Click fraud and viewability in 2020Viewability has been a buzzword in the advertising industry for a number of years now. Clients want their ads to be seen by prospective buyers and agencies have been selling them 'viewability solutions'. It's interesting to note that agencies use demand side platforms (DSPs) as ad serving tools and they rely on their DSPs to not only ensure that ads are viewable, but also to ensure that viewability is reported accurately, which can be a tough task. 13 Oct 2020 Read more

Facebook's conversion objective and retargeting best-practiceIt's important to measure the results of any media buying operation and a Facebook campaign is no different. Read more. 26 Aug 2020 Read more

The Nedbank IMC 2020, a first-of-its-kind virtual marketing conferenceOle!Connect attended the first ever virtual IMC Conference on 24 July 2020. The conference was originally due to take place on 19 March but, due to the nationwide lockdown, it had to be postponed and reorganised in virtual form. 21 Aug 2020 Read more

Key insights from Hillel Chemel, head of paid media and insights at Ole!ConnectRead our interview with Hillel Chemel, the head of paid media and Insights Ole!Connect. 12 Aug 2020 Read more

Integrating data, technology and content: The Ole!Connect wayOle!Connect is a leading provider of data, technology and content-driven digital marketing solutions. Find out how we work to deliver compelling customer experiences. 27 Jul 2020 Read more

How to build a strong and successful dev teamAn interview with Luané Swart, Head of Development at Ole!Connect. 17 Jul 2020 Read more

Deseré OrrillOle!Connect's, Desere' Orrill, takes a look underneath the hood of autonomous transportation, what it means to our future mobility, and whether we are ready to relinquish the wheel, or not... 31 Jan 2020 Read more

The future of work - Are robots the key to reducing unemployment?With the rise of robots, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), the employees of today are in panic mode about the state of their future career prospects. Will they have a job in 20 years' time... 10 years' time... or even next year? 1 Nov 2019 Read more

Ole!Connect secures key account winsOle!Connect, a new breed of service provider formed through the restructuring of its four subsidiary companies and incorporating a fifth, data expert Shinka Pty Ltd, has recently secured a number of key account wins. 7 Aug 2019 Read more

Maria Wilson appointed as new business unit director at Ole!ConnectFollowing the merger of Ole!Connect's former conglomerate companies, HoneyKome, MobiMedia and TeamTalk, the business has appointed Maria Wilson as new business unit director. She is tasked with building a sustainable marketing team to exceed current client expectations and deliver stellar work while increasing the company's client base. 6 Aug 2019 Read more

How digitalisation is changing the job market - Is South Africa prepared?It goes without saying that digital disruption is changing how we work, live and play. On the one hand, technology and the digital ecosystem are exciting, opening up new frontiers of convenience and connectivity (among other benefits). On the other hand, it's a scary place for jobseekers either already in the workforce or, who are just leaving school or tertiary institutions to enter for the first time. 12 Jul 2019 Read more

Are you ready for the media and marketing convergence?Actionable data fuels audience-based marketing at Ole!Connect 14 Jun 2019 Read more

Connecting the Dots: Ole!Connect announces single business entityThe Ole! Media Group has relaunched its service offering as a single business entity named Ole!Connect. 21 May 2019 Read more

Strong, well-crafted messaging still rules... digital or not"Digital". It's one of those words in our Industry that's come to mean a great deal of things at once. A bit like "creative"; which can refer to people, a personality attribute, and just about any kind of piece of work produced by an agency. 1 Feb 2019 Read more

De-coding stereotypical thinkingIt's 2018 and global research reports that gender bias still lurks within the work place - no shock there. However, because women are used to "doing it for themselves", there are those intrepid females among us who stand up and challenge the status quo.  That was the case at Ole! Media Group when two young women joined the ranks and - encouraged by the progressive leadership of the organisation - are proving that gender stereotyping in the dev space is not as clear cut as it used to be. In telling this story, the company hopes to encourage more organisations to follow suit. 14 Nov 2018 Read more

Mobile operators have the potential to become the biggest publishers in SA & Africa. Part 2To recap from last week, in emerging markets, there is a huge pent-up and untapped demand for content, for information, for services that people want to access via their phones, particularly in emerging markets. In Africa less than 40% of mobile phone users are on smartphones; so technology that works on feature phones is still an extremely viable route to market on the continent. 3 Apr 2018 Read more

What is programmatic?Programmatic buying can seem at times very complicated but if you remove all the jargon and explain it in simple terms, it's much easier to grasp. 5 Mar 2018 Read more

OLYMPIC sporting spirit - Honeykome helps Boks to viral victory*Somewhere in Cape Town, hours before the Olympics kicked off - *Showing their support for South Africa's Olympians, Springbok rugby players filmed a message that has caught not only the imagination of the team, but of the entire nation. The hilarious video - produced by digital agency HoneyKome's video division, VideoSwarm - shows Trevor Nyakane attempting artistic gymnastics, Lood de Jager tackling table tennis, Coenie Oosthuizen giving Usain Bolt a run for his money and even Damian de Allende trying his hand at shot putting. 8 Aug 2016 Read more

Work at first 'byte' for Ole! Media Group's Digital Academy CadetsFollowing the inaugural success in 2014 of the TEAMtalk media sports Academy, the Ole! Media Group (TEAMtalk's holding company) has created a comprehensive training programme that now incorporates all aspects of digital media. As one of South Africa's fastest growing new media organisations, Ole! Media Group (OMG) is well placed to give the insights and skills training required for coping with this rapidly morphing sector. 8 Jun 2015 Read more

Deseré OrrillWe already know there are more cellphone subscriptions than people on the planet, but marketers still make the most of this all-pervasive communication channel. With that in mind, here are some of the key trends that will influence the growth of digital in the months to come. 17 Feb 2015 Read more

'Tis the season to be digital...While many will have lamented the amount of time taken over the past 12 months to connect to business and personal lives, using a multitude of digital devices (think mobile phones, tablets, computers, video conferencing, etc.), Desere' Orrill, CMO of the Ole! Media Group prefers to look on the bright side: "Christmas is a time for sharing - and if digital is one thing, then it most certainly is 'shareable'. The festive season is a time of year where digital demonstrates just how useful, creative and powerful it can be." 18 Dec 2014 Read more

AddSuite adds Mason MediaHot on the heels of its recent rebranding and the opening of a specialist programmatic trading division, local digital advertising solutions company AddSuite has expanded its offering again, with the acquisition of Mason Media, a boutique premium advertising sales house located in Cape Town. 8 Dec 2014 Read more

New faces, new places at Ole! Media GroupOle! Media Group (OMG) continues its rapid expansion and has appointed digital content specialist, Justin Zehmke as Head of Publishing (Africa). Based in the Cape Town head office, Zehmke rejoins the group after a stint at Kagiso Media. 24 Nov 2014 Read more

Digital advertisers wising up to power of videoAs digital advertising continues to eat away at broadcast and particularly print budgets, the traditional banner ad is now so familiar to consumers that it has begun to register lower on their sensitivity radar, and talk of "banner blindness" clearly signals the need for innovation. 29 Oct 2014 Read more

Programmatic buying turns AddSwitch into AddSuite and enhances publishers' revenue potentialSouth Africa continues to switch on to a more digitally focused engagement and business environment. As such, local online advertising solutions company, AddSwitch has expanded its offering and in the process, rebranded. It will now be known as 'AddSuite,' which is more commensurate with its broader business focus. 30 Sep 2014 Read more

The value of sport goes beyond the pitchFor many young aspiring sportsmen and sportswomen, it is a lifelong dream to be at the centre of the action; as a member of the national rugby, soccer or cricket team. But not everyone can achieve this and often the dream dies. However, off the field, sport is a major source of content production for the media industry and sports media is a booming, highly successful area in South African publishing and broadcasting. It is therefore a prime space for young sports enthusiasts to channel their passion and earn a decent income to boot. 9 Sep 2014 Read more

Is it Utopia, or can publishers inhabit the "best of both worlds"?To attract, engage and inform readers, there is space for digital and traditional print advertising to 'co-habit' and benefit each other - says Deseré Orrill, Chief Marketing Officer, Olé! Media Group. 8 Sep 2014 Read more

New appointments and roles at HoneyKomeHoneyKome, the digital agency launched by the Olé Media Group earlier this year, is rapidly expanding. Agency director, Dylan Kruger, welcomes new recruits Alessandro Bonora (creative director) and Tara Smith (client services manager), and congratulates Darren Leite (social media community manager) and Pieter Pretorius (technical director) on their new roles. 27 Aug 2014 Read more

The quest for the 'mobi-grail': Make promises. Keep promises.There are no magic formulas for mobile marketing. It is a rapidly developing art that continuously evolves. What works today, will not necessarily work tomorrow as conversations move swiftly from topic to topic. This is in no small measure, thanks to how the offline and online worlds have merged to form a ubiquitous omnipresent space in which we have all become content creators. But in this ever-changing landscape, there are endless opportunities to engage, retain and grow customer loyalty. 28 Jul 2014 Read more

Upwardly mobile e-motionMobile money has fast-tracked socio-economic development in emerging markets and, promoted freedom of choice and enterprise development but, how long before regulations throttle financial inclusion? 11 Jul 2014 Read more

OMG - Brazil 2014, what's the score?If your marketing game plan doesn't include digital then you could be facing a goalless future 12 May 2014 Read more

Digital pollination for brands - The Ole! Media Group establishes HoneyKome - a specialist digital engagement divisionDigital media organisation, the Ole! Media Group has launched HoneyKome a specialist agency, which will focus on the creation and implementation of strategic digital engagement models for brands and companies. 24 Apr 2014 Read more

MobiMedia grows to meet Africa's demandsAs the African continent moves towards a more mobile lifestyle, so too are advertisers and marketers realising the importance of reaching their target markets in the mobile space. MobiMedia, a mobile marketing agency which implements and manages strategic integrated mobile marketing campaigns for corporate clients and brands, is meeting this need by growing its team. 7 Apr 2014 Read more

Mobile a game-changer in AfricaAfrica's mobile revolution has been the subject of much discussion for businesses looking to target the continent's growing consumer population using mobile phones. South African entrepreneur Deseré Orrill, co-founder of digital media company Ole! Media Group, believes mobile has become a game-changer in the way advertising and promotion works within the continent. 4 Apr 2014 Read more

TEAMtalk media Johannesburg expandsThe start of 2014 has seen digital media company TEAMtalk media, a member of the Ole! Media Group, expand its Johannesburg bureau with talented journalists, sports fundis and IT experts adding their skills to the already vibrant mix. 28 Feb 2014 Read more

OMG! New media group creates one-stop digital hub for brands and publishersThree South African digital companies have combined forces to help Africa's media businesses make money from online and mobile publishing, and create better ROI for advertisers. 17 Dec 2013 Read more

OMG! Can all your customers see your impressive new tablet app?New media organisation, Ole! Media Group is alert to the possibility that Africa's leading companies risk failing in their customer communications by focusing only on the "shiny baubles" of smartphone and tablet apps when most of their customers still use basic feature phones. 9 Dec 2013 Read more wins at this year's Bookmarks AwardsLast week saw TEAMtalk media website,, walk away with a Bookmarks award in the Specialist Publisher Sites category. In a shortlisted group that included; Memeburn, Huisgenoot, Clickshape and Liquorice, amongst others, was recognised for their digital excellence in niche publishing. 29 Nov 2013 Read more

Score! Football 411 welcomes new editorTEAMtalk Media, one of the largest sports networks in Africa, has appointed 27 year old Julia Harris to take the reins of its global site, Football 411. A progressive digital media company, TEAMtalk Media has the exclusive SA distribution rights for the English Premier League (EPL) and is also the official data partner to the Premier Soccer League (PSL). 15 Nov 2013 Read more

Jingle bells, jingle bells, it's mobile all the wayThe days of cardboard Christmas cards lining the shelves are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. "The traditional custom of sending printed Christmas cards is today the exception rather than the rule. Instead mobile messaging is taking over the Christmas greeting market as a quick, reliable and interactive mode for connecting with your friends, colleagues and loved ones," says Desere' Orrill, MD of MobiMedia. 12 Nov 2013 Read more

TEAMtalk media puts local celebrities in the SpotlightKnown for its sports reporting prowess, TEAMtalk media has recently also established an entertainment news desk. SA readers can now ensure they are kept up to date with the latest celebrity news from within the country and across the globe. Providing readers with a daily news feed, seven days a week is TEAMtalk media's latest service offering, Spotlight. 31 Oct 2013 Read more

Seven steps for sms successGiven that mobile penetration rates in SA are higher than any other medium, mobile communication is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reach the widest audience. Text messaging is quick, affordable, direct and universally accessible on all phone types from candy-bar phones produced in the 90s to the latest tablets and smartphones. Of the total of around 45million cell phones in SA today, as at the end of June, approximately 14 million of those were smartphones. 8 Oct 2013 Read more

Instore competitions go mobileBy providing instant, in-store activations through mobile phones, brands can connect with their consumer at point of purchase better than ever before. If executed correctly, instore mobile activations can encourage brand loyalty and enhance the direct relationship between brand and consumer. 2 Aug 2013 Read more

In-store competitions just got a whole lot easierMobile and digital marketing company, MobiMedia, recently launched an innovative in-store competition entry mechanism, which offers consumers immediate feedback and prize notifications, whilst providing prize inventory management and distribution details for competition organisers - all in one. 18 Jul 2013 Read more

Digital advertising in SA is about to get 'switched on'New on the South African ad-serving scene is a holistic adserver called Switch. Already serving 50 billion ad impressions per month, Switch is a fast growing platform that enables digital publishers to drive revenue within the real-time market for online advertising. With its highly evolved real-time bidding tool, Switch brings advertisers into contact with targeted inventory, resulting in more effective ad spend and increased ROI. 4 Jul 2013 Read more

Aerodynamic trio to drive business at TEAMtalk mediaDigital sports media company, TEAMtalk media, is famous not only for its dynamic digital sports sites, but now also for its 'aerodynamic' management and sales team. Sporting the latest in smooth hairdos, the TEAMtalkers are ready to spring into action. 4 Jul 2013 Read more

From Rugby Forum Moderator to Cyber CopWith cyber-bullying a burning social issue, the Rugby fraternity this week showed its collective strength, as a suicidal rugby forum contributor in New Zealand posted his suicide note on South Africa's world-famous PlanetRugby Chat Forum. 18 Jun 2013 Read more

Get real about digital advertisingAs audiences migrate from print to digital, and television audiences increasingly practice 'multi-screen' viewing, the value of digital advertising inventory is growing incrementally. 12 Jun 2013 Read more

TEAMtalk media secures exclusive rights to English Premier League data in SATEAMtalk media has reacquired the exclusive South African data license for the English Premier League for the next three years. 11 Jun 2013 Read more

Meet the woman behind the wheel of South Africa's leading Formula 1 websiteYou might be forgiven for assuming the leading Formula 1 website in the world would be run by a man as the sport does have a reputation for being male-dominated. 20 May 2013 Read more

Planet F1 laps the competition during Malaysian Grand Prix, sees big spike during Bahrain Grand PrixDuring the recent Bahrain Grand Prix, the number of site visits to Planet F1, the largest independent F1 website in the world, spiked dramatically with an increase of around 30% on the day of the event. 9 May 2013 Read more

This is the year of mobile...again.No, it's not Groundhog Day... 8 Mar 2013 Read more

'Yoo' own the world: social networking expands at MobiMediaAdding strength to their slogan "You own the world", the Yookos social network platform has just given millions of Africans easier access to their network by launching the mobile version of the Yookos platform. As strategic consulting partners to Yookos, MobiMedia assisted with the conceptualisation of the mobile strategy for the organisation, including collaboration on the design and implementation of the mobile site. Since its inception as a desktop platform two years ago, Yookos has added Android and iPhone apps. Now, with the launch of the mobile web version, the platform is truly universally available. "By going mobile, Yookos is ensuring accessibility for all users across the globe, but in particular in Africa where users can now connect without having to have access to a desktop," says Tim Legg, CEO of MobiMedia. 27 Feb 2013 Read more

We wish you a Merry MobileGone are the days when children begged for the latest bike or book - today's younger generation are all about being tech-savvy with the latest mobile devices topping their Christmas wishlist. Santa had better have his elves stock up, as these devices are sure to be in high demand, with kids from as young as six already being 'mobilised'. 4 Dec 2012 Read more

When potholes become pitfalls in mobile marketingCreative and on-trend mobile campaigns are essential in securing brand awareness and consumer loyalty. However, too often the fundamental principles of mobile marketing are overlooked resulting in campaigns, regardless of their innovation or creativity, falling short. 22 Nov 2012 Read more

Finding the mobile 'sweet spot'Mobile marketing is hot! After years of false dawns, brands and agencies are recognizing the mobile channel as an essential element of the marketing mix. So what's changed and why now? 6 Jul 2011 Read more