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Tradeway is a promotions company that is all about creating connected brand experiences - via brand activations, promotions, experiential campaigns, and field marketing.
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Promotions and activations: A brave (not so) new world lockdown Level 2Do yourself a favour and take a drive through your nearest township or city centre today. Check out the throngs of people in the shopping malls, cruise past the bustling taxi ranks, bus terminuses and informal traders. See those queues of shoppers masked up, socially distanced and sanitised to within an inch of their lives outside the local Shoprite, Checkers and Woolies? It's business as usual on the streets of SA. 1 Sep 2020 Read more

Immersive brand experiencesAs technology intensifies and competition proliferates, customers are demanding more bespoke and engaging interactions to give a brand the attention it warrants. 4 Sep 2016 Read more

Why all marketing should be experientialWhile many businesses are including experiential marketing campaigns into their strategies, the brands that wholeheartedly take advantage of experiences as a core aspect of their businesses are benefitting most. With the real focus of any activation being the consumer, in-person events are a natural progression away from interruption-based tactics and towards editorially driven material. 2 Sep 2016 Read more

Using a flash mob to create brand awarenessThe why

While activations can and do take place anywhere and in just about any form, often all you need is a spontaneous song and dance to turn your frown upside down.
 29 Aug 2016 Read more

Are you ready for experiential marketing?Humans are odd little creatures, don't you think? We buy products in the hope that they will make us happy, boost our confidence, give us a feeling of satisfaction, or fit in better. Why else would we flash logos on the outside of products? Predictably, though, the serotonin-induced thrill of the new fades away. The feelings of expectation and exhilaration we felt at the moment of purchase are soon spurned by our frontal cortex. We can't help it! It's part of what makes us human. The good news for marketers, though, is that even the most jaded shopper can be influenced by the power of an experience. 25 Aug 2016 Read more

Benefit from brand ambassadorsExperiential marketing is an astoundingly influential new way for marketers to enhance relations between the consumer and your brand at all phases of the sales process. 26 Jul 2016 Read more

Short term sales spacesPop goes the world

You never know where your brand could pop up next! Short-term, temporary retail leases - or pop-up shops to you and me - have grown 16% annually since 2009 according to a recent Specialty Retail Report and is a thriving $8bn industry in the United States. Even online gig brands like Amazon and Google have experimented with pop-up shops to promote new products.
 19 Jul 2016 Read more

Cost-effective experiential solutions to boost your brandBy now the good news of experiential marketing has reached you and you are sure to be interested in the positive returns it offers. In many instances, companies have discovered that they just don't have the budget to support their new found interest in experiential marketing, but is that really true? By design, experiential marketing is all about creating an experience that is memorable for your customers. There's no rule book that says the experience has to cost you a fortune and if you're willing to get creative, there's most certainly a cost effective experiential solution just waiting to boost your brand. 28 Jun 2016 Read more

Nurture attention into engagement with experiential marketing - Create the real customer experienceHave you ever heard the quip "I'm too poor to even pay attention"? That would certainly be a shame in the marketing world in this day and age, as attention these days is quite frankly considered to be currency! Without attention, a business and product simply cannot thrive. With the right attention however, you can see your business, product and brand soar to new heights. How do you get the right type of attention? You do this by creating an experience that doesn't just draw attention, but nurtures the type of engagement that is good for your business, as much as it is good for your consumers. 22 Jun 2016 Read more

Top reasons you should be implementing experiential marketingTraditional advertising has had its day. In fact, it still works rather well for many companies, but there's a new kid on the block and it's high time everyone gave it some attention! Who's the new kid? It's experiential marketing. While this type of interactive and highly personalised marketing strategy wows the rest of the world, you might be lagging behind a little. Still haven't found a reason to use experiential marketing in your advertising campaign/strategy? 17 Jun 2016 Read more

Michelle StoreyTake a moment to think about the top brands that you consume - what tech you prefer to purchase, what cars you hold in high regard, even the grocery stores you choose to shop at - and ask yourself how you came to value them. The answer lies in a process known as brand activation, the different elements of which I will explore in this article. 24 May 2016 Read more

Michelle StoreyThe average consumer is exposed to thousands of marketing messages each week from digital sources, whether from their newsfeeds on various social media platforms or paid advertising on websites - and with such an overwhelming quantity of input, it's a significant challenge for any brand to make themselves really stand out. As a marketing specialist, it is a challenge I face head-on for my clients through one of our most powerful marketing solutions - experiential marketing. 12 May 2016 Read more

Tradeway takes Melrose back-to-schoolLeading experiential activation agency, Tradeway, executed an out-of-store and in-store engagement sampling campaign for Melrose to connect with mothers and; drive further enthusiasm and excitement with kids and tweens. 5 Jul 2013 Read more

Tradeway drives switching at shelfLeading experiential activation agency, Tradeway, executed a back-to-school campaign that drove switching to Staedtler. Staedtler is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, colouring, drawing and creative products. 6 Jun 2013 Read more

Tradeway delivers high return for Nescafe AlegriaLeading experiential activation agency, Tradeway, ran a highly successful education, sampling and conversion campaign for Nescafe Alegria. Nescafe Alegria's solution is built to make great coffee with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. The intuitive easy-to-use machine makes Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Cappachino, Latte and Maccchiato. The Nescafé Alegria coffee comes in a patented aroma lock pod that was specially designed to keep the freshness and quality of the coffee so that it features in each and every cup. 10 May 2013 Read more

Tradeway's TechwayLeading experiential activation agency, Tradeway, has announced the completion of testing the second phase of its proprietary practice management software which the company says will further boost efficiencies and drive additional return on investment (ROI) for customers. 9 May 2013 Read more

Tradeway's activates KFC breakfast driveFor over a year, leading experiential activation agency, Tradeway has been activating KFC's breakfast offerings on the ground. Starting off in late 2011 as a trial, Tradeway successfully executed on the well known A.M. Riser, securing A.M. Oats and most recently in 2012 the A.M. Benedict campaign. A.M. Benedict had a three-tier strategy; sampling, cross-selling and proximity marketing. 17 Apr 2013 Read more

Tradeway invests in the future of our youthLeading experiential activation agency, Tradeway, has announced the launch of its Tradeway Academy, which will focus on equipping the South African youth with essential life and business skills to increase their employment opportunities in both the formal and informal job sectors. 10 Apr 2013 Read more

Tradeway Promoters engage with over 50 000 customers to introduce the KFC Breakfast RangeKFC appointed Tradeway Promotions to run a nationwide sampling campaign to introduce the a.m. Riser breakfast meal to customers in store during April and May 2012. 18 Jun 2012 Read more

Tradeway Promotions launches new digital home and expands nationallyTradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations for some of the world's leading brand names, announces the launch of a dynamic new website with the aim of bringing innovation and service excellence to its business model. 18 May 2012 Read more

Tradeway Promoters engage with over 40 000 consumers to introduce the new Hansa Pilsener bottleSAB Ltd partnered with Tradeway Promotions to introduce the new 330NRB Hansa Pilsener bottle to consumers. The new bottle, which has a sleek embossed body, has been introduced to bring the packaging in line with the brand positioning of "Being refreshingly different." 22 Mar 2012 Read more

Tradeway Promotions recruit 2 000 consumers for Hansa PilsenerTradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations, managed the consumer recruitment element of the highly successful Hansa Pilsener "Legends in the Making" campaign, which through face-to-face interaction saw 2 000 Hansa Pilsener consumers being rewarded with tickets to staged music concerts nationally. 14 Mar 2012 Read more

Tradeway Promotions target ShisaNyama's to introduce new Castle Lite 440ml canCastle Lite in conjunction with Tradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations, recently ran a highly successful campaign across ShisaNyama's in Egoli, introducing customers to the new 440ml Castle Lite can. This was done by engaging with customers and offering them the authentic experience of enjoying an extra cold Castle Lite. 23 Feb 2012 Read more

Tradeway Promotions learner road show secures over 2 000 bursary registrations for SasolTradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations, were appointed by Sasol to activate a bursary roadshow for Grade 11 and 12 learners in Sasolburg and Secunda, to promote awareness of the Sasol Bursary Programme and to secure online registrations. 21 Apr 2011 Read more

Tradeway Promotions are excited to announce the official opening of their Pretoria office, which is based at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium on Lynnwood Road. 28 Oct 2010 Read more

Tradeway takes Duracell's world record to the storesLeading experiential company, Tradeway Promotions has announced that it has successfully executed the in-store experiential component for Duracell's Easter campaign which saw the brand break the Guinness® World Record for the largest chocolate bunny at 3.014 tonnes. 24 Jun 2010 Read more

Tradeway's beach activation delivers exponentially for PringlesLeading experiential company, Tradeway Promotions, has executed one of the most comprehensive consumer beach campaigns for its customer, the Fore Good Group, which is the exclusive distributor and brand custodian for Pringles® in southern Africa. 28 May 2010 Read more

Tradeway team creates Castrol Performance Lab football experienceTradeway played a pivotal role in the success of the Castrol Performance Lab, an experiential football nerve centre that immerses guests in the core Castrol brand proposition. Castrol and BP local and international guests were hosted prior to Confederations Cup Matches at six events at the Urban Tree Venue in Kramerville, Sandton, where Tradeway provided well-trained game managers and hostesses to ensure guests fully experienced the high-tech centre. Loudfire executed the construction, installation and finish to the Lab and produced the full food and beverage experiential. 7 Oct 2009 Read more

Tradeway Promotions expands into AfricaTradeway Promotions has announced its expansion to Namibia and Botswana, offering clients broader coverage in the Southern African region as a first step to further international expansion. The leading promotions company, which services consumer brands in the promotional, experiential and field marketing arenas, can now offer full service including sampling, demonstrations, pamphlet distribution, road shows and experiential event support in these neighbouring countries. 23 Jul 2009 Read more

Bravo for Bravia!Tradeway Promotions has announced that it has completed its in-store promotional campaign for its client, Bravia, the High Definition (HD) TV offering, driven by unique Sony technologies with world-first features including Motionflow, inspired design, wireless connectivity and environmentally-aware production. 14 Jan 2009 Read more

Tradeway gets its promoters on trackTradeway Promotions has announced that it has successfully completed its pilot project using its custom cellular location-based services to track and monitor promoter activity and performance. 13 Nov 2008 Read more

Canderel© acknowledged Tradeway Promotions' contribution to helping the brand win the Gold Award at the Cape Town Good Food & Wine Show 2008. 1 Jul 2008 Read more