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MiWayLife understands that you want to leave a legacy for those you love. By reimagining life insurance, you can be remembered for all the right reasons.
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Could your occupation be flagged by insurersSome occupations come with a higher risk compared to others, but what does this mean when you want to take out life insurance to protect what matters the most? Will your occupation be flagged as a risk by insurers? Here is what you need to know. 25 Mar 2020 Read more

What's the average cost of a funeral in South Africa?If debit orders and the general cost of living make you wonder if the cost of living could not get any higher, there is still the cost of having to plan a possible funeral. According to StatsSA, the cost of funerals in South Africa has increased by 12%, with no sign of dropping anytime soon. Are you financially prepared? 24 Feb 2020 Read more

What cover do you need this year?Being spoilt for choice can have its perks and its drawbacks. With so many options when it comes to choosing life cover that will protect you and your loved one's financial security, things can get brain-numbing. If you are looking for a way to protect your financial security as a new year's resolution, we have a handy list to get you started. 30 Jan 2020 Read more

Protecting your parents financiallyIf you find yourself supporting your parents or family members on your income, you are part of what is known as the sandwich generation. Walking the financial tightrope means being able to balance taking care of those you care about without pushing yourself into debt. 29 Jan 2020 Read more

Say it with your chest: Breast Cancer Awareness MonthFor one month each year, we dust off our pink ribbons and don them on our chest to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness month. Catchy slogans, campaigns, and stories from breast cancer survivors fill our feeds to highlight the need for regular screening that can lead to early detection. 5 Nov 2019 Read more

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