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What you need to do when flying during Level 3 lockdownLevel three restrictions in the middle of the December holiday season came as an unwelcome, albeit not altogether unexpected, surprise on 28 December. So, what happens to your existing travel plans under level three? 11 Jan 2021 Read more

Lockdown changes and domestic flights South AfricaAlthough the coronavirus crisis is far from over anywhere in the world, things are slowly starting to normalise in South Africa. With this, comes a few long-awaited changes to the country's strict travel regulations. 9 Dec 2020 Read more

Catch a Lift on South Africa's newest airlineAfter a nationwide competition in which the organisers had to sift through 25,000 entries, a clear winner has emerged. South Africa's new airline will go by the name, Lift. The new carrier stems from a collaboration between Global Aviation and the founder of, Gidon Novick. 5 Nov 2020 Read more

The ins and outs of travel to SA during the pandemicSouth Africa is ready to welcome back international travellers to its shores. Yet, considering the country's strict coronavirus controls, don't expect all plain sailing when you visit. 9 Oct 2020 Read more

South African interprovincial travel soars after restrictions are liftedIt's been a long haul for South Africa as we've struggled to flatten the curve and still keep going somehow. Now, with the recent lifting of many restrictions, people are heading out in their numbers to enjoy everything the country has to offer. 3 Sep 2020 Read more

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