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Borderless Access is an award-winning digital market research product and solutions company. We fulfil the dynamic and multi-dimensional research demands of our global clientele with our technology-enabled insights solutions and first-party hyper-niche digital audiences.
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Are marketers focusing on the right channels?Globally, marketing spend is focussed predominantly on digital media - specifically social media. However, consumer exposure and trust indicate that the traditional channels still hold relevance. So, on which channels should marketers be focusing? 7 Apr 2021 Read more

How Coca-Cola Africa leveraged Borderless Access's bot-enabled research solution to unpack healthy consumption habitsWhy tech-enabled research is the right solution for Africa: Exploring a Coca-Cola Africa case study on healthy consumption habits. 25 Mar 2021 Read more

Borderless Access crosses more borders; launching first-party digital panels in Ecuador, Peru, France and ItalyBorderless Access recently introduced its first-party market research panel community in four new markets. The newest additions to its stable of markets include Peru and Ecuador in Latin America, and France and Italy in Europe. 17 Mar 2021 Read more

Sub-Saharan marketers dance to a digital tuneKenya and Nigeria cautiously optimistic in their marketing endeavours 27 Jan 2021 Read more

Surfing the tides: digital media has come out tops in post-lockdown AfricaSocial media enjoys high exposure in Africa 8 Dec 2020 Read more

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