Video killed the radio starAt Blue Moon, the work we love to create is always either audio or visual - and, very often, both. So we were delighted to discover that 27 October is World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. (Yes, it really is.) 1 Nov 2016 Read more >>

Mirror, mirror - Inside and outside, there's only ever one corporate brandWhile not a brand new idea, Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) are certainly gaining traction with those who really believe that people are indeed an organisation's most vital asset, and not least as ambassadors of its brand. 1 Sep 2016 Read more >>

The loneliness of the long-distance worker"Remote" doesn't have to be "home" 14 Jun 2016 Read more >>

What you do with what you've gotTime, money and everything else 7 Apr 2016 Read more >>

Let's go, Lego!"Wow! Where did that come from?" is something we hear every time we're part of a Lego Serious Play (LSP) session. 9 Dec 2015 Read more >>

Pitch perfectAt Blue Moon, we love the challenge of conceptualising events from start to finish. To crack "the beautiful big idea" that's brand-aligned and spot-on, strategically and tactically, you need to keep your wits about you in the brief and pitching stages. Blue Moon's Events MD, Deana Heslop-Mthembu, shares her insights... 26 Oct 2015 Read more >>

The art of the trending eventAt Blue Moon, we've spent 26 years creating innovative and inspiring events that engage people - conferences, launches, theatre and, of course, live TV broadcasts and awards ceremonies. Whatever we do, we're always conscious of being on-trend. 16 Sep 2015 Read more >>

Just a jump to the left13 August is International Left-handers Day. At Blue Moon we embrace diversity so we did a whip-around survey asking: "How do you experience the world, as a left- or right-handed person?" While not a right-hander responded, the lefties' heartfelt insights revealed that "normal" is indeed a relative concept. 13 Aug 2015 Read more >>

Quick click to freedom?At Blue Moon, we love being liked and followed just as much as the next bag of mixed nuts. But is social media as democratic as it claims to be? Or are we mere subjects of a virtual oligarchy? 22 Jul 2015 Read more >>

A gentleman's game...At Blue Moon, we love good manners. We also loved producing the annual Cricket SA Awards recently (our fourth in succession), in recognition of all cricketers in South Africa. 19 Jun 2015 Read more >>

Having a ballWhat's the value of a pit full of brightly coloured balls in a corporate meeting room? One might well wonder. 8 Jun 2015 Read more >>

Are your employees 'engaged'?State of the nations 6 May 2015 Read more >>

Media - why audit?'ICT Man'

In the year 2500, when whoever we've become discovers us - fossilised in the information and communication technology landscape we inhabit now - they'll open our heads and find swollen brains.
 31 Mar 2015

Blue Moon is carbon neutral again!For the fourth year in a row, Blue Moon Corporate Communications has received a carbon neutral rating, thus securing itself as one of the companies leading the green revolution in corporate South Africa. 14 Nov 2014 Read more >>

More memories of #BlueMoon25Chief firestarter at SoulProviders, Sarah-Jane Boden, first joined forces with Blue Moon in 1998 and our paths have been crossing ever since... 25 Jul 2014 Read more >>

Here's to the next #BlueMoon25No doubt many performers who are asked about working for Blue Moon will recall the diamond-studded spectaculars and gala dinners. I've been privileged to do a few of those, but for me, the most memorable shows have always been in places where nobody's ventured before, taking training and entertainment to audiences unfamiliar with theatre in ways that genuinely affected them. 27 Jun 2014 Read more >>

Bowled over: The 2014 Cricket SA Awards"The Oscars of the cricket world" is what guest and cricket legend, Alan Donald, named the Cricket SA (CSA) Awards, and this year's event held on 4 June was once again one filled with pride and emotion. 11 Jun 2014 Read more >>

My addiction seriesToday I thought I would write about one of my oldest addictions: one that has been lurking around for the past 13 years. It started when I did some freelance work for an events company as a baby in the industry and has somehow stuck... 10 Jun 2014 Read more >>

Being a BlueMoonerangI started off at Blue Moon as a freelancer more than 10 years ago and freelanced for a while before I finally "joined the family". I went on to head up the video department for four years and then, thanks to the support and faith of Blue Moon, started my own video production company, The Divas, with my partner, Ziyanda Macingwane. 2 Jun 2014 Read more >>

I'd rather be surfingI love surfing, paragliding and making music. At age 30 I realised that I was not talented enough to make a living doing the things I love. Read Shock & Denial, Anger & Depression, Release & Honour and finally Returning to Love... But a different kind of love and only much later. 5 May 2014 Read more >>

Rocking the Republic: The 13th Metro FM Music AwardsThe 13th Annual Metro FM Music Awards were held in Durban at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Conference Centre on Saturday 1 March, 2014. The awards' theme was "Celebrating 20 Years of Beat", and the event had the audience dancing through two decades of South African musical history. The show, produced by the events division of Blue Moon, was a spectacle of never-before seen collaborations showcasing musical diversity, as well as celebrating 20 years of democracy in SA. Viewers at home watched on SABC1 or, for the first time, via a live stream on YouTube. For the second year in a row, comments by fans on Twitter, using the tag #MMA13, saw the event trend globally. 10 Mar 2014 Read more >>

13th Annual Metro FM Music Awards: Events company announcedThe production of the 13th Annual Metro FM Music Awards (MMAs) has been awarded to the events division of Blue Moon, who partnered with SABC1 and the Metro last year to deliver one of the most talked about live events in South African music history. The Awards will take place in Durban for the second year running, on 1 March, at the International Conference Centre (ICC) with the ceremony airing live on SABC1 at 8pm. 14 Feb 2014 Read more >>

Eventing trends 2014The term 'economic crush' still dictates the tone and nature of the eventing industry in South Africa. But it's not all bad news: the events industry is just being called on to conceptualise and execute more smartly, ensure ROI and find new ways to maximise tailored budgets. Enthusiasm for the industry and the call to entertain and inform still prevail. 18 Dec 2013 Read more >>

Virtual teams are realI've worked as a creative director at Blue Moon Corporate Communications for 10 years. For eight of these, I've been living in a small South African town near Lesotho. I work alone, but everything I do involves others, in different places. Virtual teams are real. 27 Nov 2013 Read more >>

Top five business sustainability tipsStephen Scrimgeour, corporate sustainability and green building consultant at Earth Patrol, shares his top five business sustainability tips to help businesses begin to reduce their carbon footprint. 15 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Integrated sustainability solutions assisting future-thinking brandsStephen Scrimgeour is a Corporate Sustainability and Green Building Consultant at Earth Patrol, the independent green business solutions provider that has guided Blue Moon in their Green at Heart journey over the last three years. In Part One of the interview with Stephen he gives his insight into the work he does and why he does it - as well as an overview of the "green" corporate landscape as it stands today. 5 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Green events: Go bold, tread lightMost corporates use events as a form of brand communication - either to create awareness about their product or service, or to thank existing clients for their business. But despite their best intentions, even small-scale events can impact the environment negatively through the reckless use of resources. The only way to avoid this is to partner with suppliers who have a genuine "green conscience" and the experience to steer you through your event planning to reduce the carbon footprint of the event. 2 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Blue Moon pushes the boundaries of green eventingBlue Moon Corporate Communications has proven that green eventing is the way forward for the industry after their high profile Living Legacy factory launch for Hisense in Atlantis, Cape Town, on 6 June 2013. By offsetting the launch's carbon footprint through a creatively designed plan in collaboration with Earth Patrol, South Africa's leading Green Business consultants, this event set the standard for a green eventing future that knows no limits in South Africa. 27 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Blue Moon Eventing goes green with their Hisense "Living Legacy" launchBlue Moon Corporate Communications breaks new "green" ground with its factory launch event for Hisense in Atlantis, Cape Town on 6 June 2013. Earth Patrol, South Africa's leading Green Business consultants, will be monitoring the "Living Legacy' Launch, ensuring that all possible measures are taken to offset the event's carbon footprint. 4 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Blue Moon Corporate Communications - Officially carbon neutralBlue Moon Corporate Communications' Green at Heart programme recently announced the results of their third carbon audit, which has led to the offset and subsequent neutralisation of their 2012 carbon footprint. According to Earth Patrol, an independent green business solutions provider, Blue Moon is the only Employee Engagement and Events business in South Africa to achieve this status over three consecutive years. This is paving the way for similar businesses to follow suit and grow a greener corporate South Africa. 3 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Full of fire - Blue Moon's Dikeledi MogorosiDikeledi Mogorosi is a red-hot firecracker of a producer in the Employee Engagement Division at Blue Moon. She took some time out to share her work ethic, and more, with us. 17 May 2013 Read more >>

"Do Not Fear the White Space" with Blue Moon Designer, Suzette BritzSuzette has been a designer at Blue Moon for five years. She's legendary for her cool, calm and collected approach. She shares her design tips and spills the beans about her dislike of monkeys. 15 May 2013 Read more >>

"Mission Possible" with Blue Moon's Norman SomiNorman Somi, Integrated Employee Engagement (IEE) Producer at Blue Moon, shares his "Mission Possible" philosophy, top tips on keeping clients happy, and more. 29 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Blue Moon's Appletiser Refresh launchOn a crisp April morning, 250 spirited Appletiser employees gathered at the green heart of the Elgin Valley to re-imagine the future of their iconic company and brand. Appletiser's "refreshed " vision, mission, values and strategy brought the company's purpose of making moments more special to life through storytelling, live art theatre, music and dance within the Paul Cluver Wine Estate amphitheatre. 18 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Behind the scenes with ZaneleZanele Hlope, senior events producer, has been with Blue Moon since 2007 and has helped to put together some amazing events. We spent five minutes with her, finding out what makes a great producer, and more... 10 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Industrial Theatre at Somkhele MineWe drove through the gates of a super-packed Somkhele Mine in Mtubatuba, Richards Bay, in the early hours of Tuesday 19 February. It was not the ordinary kind of day, when one would hear drilling underground, and see trucks coming in and out of the yard carrying loads of anthracite, and buses queuing to collect workers ending their night shift. 4 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Vicki re-vampsBlue Mooner Vicki Oudmayer recently added "Interior Decorator" to her list of work accolades. During this interview we discovered that being opinionated doesn't always equal having good taste, and other quirky Vicki facts. 27 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Saying "Howzit" to HamiltonHamilton Dlamini is a well-known South African actor who first worked in Industrial Theatre with Blue Moon in the 1990s. He's just come off the road from doing his latest theatre collaboration with Blue Moon, for Somkhele Mine. We caught up with him to find out more about him, and how it went. 14 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Introducing... Bonga!Bonga Sibisi has worked at Blue Moon for eight months, but he's been a self-confessed fan since 2009 when he watched the Blue Moon-produced 15th South African Music Awards (SAMAs). He was recently a writer on an Industrial Theatre piece for Somkhele Mine. We found out about this creative process (and more) from him... 11 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Blue Moon's production of the 12th Metro FM Music Awards trends globally on TwitterThe Metro FM Music Awards (MMAs), held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban on Saturday 23 February was bang on the urban pulse of South African music. Blue Moon pulled out all eventing stops to put together an outstanding event that truly raised the bar for live television and got the entire country tweeting up a storm, resulting in the #MMA12 hashtag trending globally. 5 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Revamped SABC 1 programme line-up launched by Blue Moon Corporate CommunicationsThe evening of 19 February saw the launch of the new line-up and revamped SABC 1 programming showcased at the glamorous 1UP SABC 1 Supreme event, produced by Blue Moon. 4 Mar 2013 Read more >>

This time last year, Blue Moon's organisational carbon footprint had decreased by 10% from the previous year. This was partly as a result of an internal campaign and related initiatives to be more responsible with our resources and accountable in our business, proving that knowledge really is power - and not necessarily the electrical kind! 25 Jan 2013 Read more >>

Fresh, True and Brave AwardsEvery quarter Blue Moon recognises winners within the three categories of the Blue Moon Values of Fresh, True and Brave - with the final annual awards being held at the end of each year. As well as awards in each Value category, there is also an overall Fresh, True and Brave winner who embodies all of the Values. Blue Mooners nominate their peers and the quality of many of the nominations is worth highlighting. They reflect the respect that Blue Moon colleagues have for one another. 10 Jan 2013 Read more >>

Viv: In the creative hotseatTo find out more about the creative process at Blue Moon, we went to the ever-effervescent Vivienne Bezuidenhout who's been working here as a Creative for nearly three years. Viv shares her thoughts about work synergy and more in this interview - including what she won't be giving up in 2013... 14 Dec 2012 Read more >>

Eventing 2013: Deana Heslop-Mthembu, Managing Executive: Events, Blue Moon Corporate CommunicationsGlobal eventing trends this year have been ground breaking in different areas, with Tupac appearing "live" as a hologram at Coachella and the amazing sights we saw at the opening and closing of the Olympic Games. (Great article on the role of design in corporate storytelling WRT the Olympics here: 3 Dec 2012 Read more >>

Function over form with Blue Moon's Head of DesignCraig Belnick, Head of the formidable Design department at Blue Moon, is known for his grace under pressure and top design work. We found out more about the man behind the cool fa├žade...  16 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Illuminating the futureThe Eskom 49M initiative is a call for 49 million South Africans to embrace the culture of energy saving. Blue Moon is in a five-year partnership with Eskom, and our role is to communicate the campaign internally, ensuring the initiative resonates with the Eskom audience and within the bigger energy efficiency landscape. 8 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Making it happen with CharlotteCharlotte Maja is a key Integrated Employee Engagement (IEE) Producer at Blue Moon, working hand in hand with one of the business's oldest clients. Cool under pressure and described by one of her colleagues as "a class act", Charlotte shared some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of an IEE Conference with us. 5 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Kelly's Revenge is H.O.T.Fabulous mom, CSI supporter, Blue Moon Executive Events Producer and red-hot chilli maker, Kelly McGillivray takes multi-tasking to a new level. Her iconic brand of chilli, Kelly's Revenge, has tongues wagging - and blistering if you're not careful! As part of a series of features on Blue Mooners making their mark outside the business, we sat Kelly down for five minutes and got this exclusive interview with her. 12 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Designer by day, cake creator by night...Blue Moon loves the fact that our people are so multi-skilled, and our different passions are reflected in the dedication and diversity of our work. Lee Ndinisa, a designer at Blue Moon, has taken his love for creating sweet treats to a new level. We find out more... 1 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Management, mentorship and personal motivationIn a recent Harvard Business Review Blog, 'Great Mentors Get Out of the Office', Bill Russell and Nancy Altobell discuss the power of mentorship, exploring their experiences with leaders who use their guidance skills outside the office to maximum effect. ( 13 Sep 2012 Read more >>

One Family at a TimeIn celebration of Women's Day we paid tribute to a very special Blue Mooner, Kelly McGillivray. Her decision to start making a difference in the community of Soshanguve in July 2012 has seen Kelly completely transform the lives of a child-headed family. 8 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Wrapping up on wasteThe Blue Moon Great at Heart Team work to remind us to reduce, reuse and recycle. Here is some information to help you streamline your recycling process and some interesting "Did you know" info. 6 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Green at heart: Making an impact by treading lightlyWe've all heard the phrase 'going green', and some of us might even have adopted the basic principles in our homes or at work, but how many of us truly understand what 'green eventing' is? Why is it even important? Let's take a look... 14 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Blue Moon quality processesWhy we created a Blue Moon language style guide... 13 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Blue Moon is green at heartInspiring a green movement 28 May 2012 Read more >>

VWV and Blue Moon produce ANC Centenary celebrationSouth Africans are abuzz about the ANC Centenary celebration television production being a resounding success and one that reflected the history of the ANC superbly. The agencies responsible for the coup were the VWV Group and Blue Moon. VWV was tasked with producing the event, and Blue Moon was responsible for the creative deliverables. 17 Jan 2012 Read more >>

A tall, double espresso with wings. Sounds a lot like a Starbucks' coffee call. With a little imagination it could also be the order of the day for managerial skills, although not exactly the job description one would expect to find in the classifieds. There are similarities, however. Perhaps demystifying the lingo in the relevant context will reveal some of the qualities sought in today's manager. 7 May 2010 Read more >>

Blue Moon Corporate Communications is pleased to announce the promotion of the following people: 14 Apr 2010 Read more >>

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