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about us
ITSI is an EdTech company that puts education first. Our patented solution solves some of the biggest 21st century challenges in education. ITSI's solution makes learning visible, remove fragmentation, bridge the gap between traditional and cutting edge teaching through researched-based practices and enables learning, anywhere, anytime. We do this in partnership with educators, learners, students, parents and publishers.

ITSI was established in 2000 under the banner of IT School Intellect and mainly provided ICT and an integrated IT curriculum to both private and public schools in all nine provinces in South Africa. In 2006, IT School Innovation was formed and evolved to include all subjects, thereby making it more relevant to both students and educators in all learning areas. Since then, the organisation grew to not only incorporate all subjects, but also to develop mobile learning solutions that evolved into the ITSI Solution - the cornerstone of the business today.

In November 2013, financial services company,PSG, acquired a significant shareholding in ITSI Holdings to extend its interest in the education sector.

In 2016, ITSI moved beyond the territories of SOuth Africa with the implementation of the ITSI Solution in Namibia, the UK and the UAE.

ITSI is a member of PASA, ADESSA, and a corporate member of ISASA.