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about us
Pacinamix is a disruptive and specialist brand firm headquartered in Johannesburg with a core talent focus on

  • Creative Strategy Development & Execution
  • PR, Communications, Reputation, Activations and Digital
  • Enterprise Supplier Development Programmes
  • Skills Development

Our name, Pacinamix, is inspired by the word 'pasina', which in Shona means 'from nothing'. With this notion in mind, our business is driven by the idea of creating from nothing to something unique and powerful. This is how we live our #Zero2Hundred mantra. #Zero2Hundred is our creative approach and our way of life. At our core, we remain committed to delivering value to our strategic partners in a dynamic, disruptive, modern and bold manner. We believe in the value of co-creation, and not just co-creation for the sake of it but we believe in creating success by understanding what is relevant to the people that matter, and delivering consistent creative experiences, communications and presence.