Arcade produces content that falls outside the realm of traditional TV commercials. This includes brand films, web series, music videos and more. We are breaking the mould of commercial filmmaking with a more minimal, guerrilla style of shooting but with all the backup of an established production company.

We are no longer constrained by how long or short content needs to be, freeing us to focus purely on engaging and entertaining a specific target audience. In today's world of super-short attention spans it's all about making content that audiences want to watch.

Branded content isn't going to replace traditional advertising because it's not at the frontline of selling, but it is filling that essential and bountiful space between the hard-sell and the consumer's emotional breeding ground.

Arcade handles productions of any size and budget with creative skill and vision, collaborating with agencies and clients alike. The only thing we don't do is TV commercials; that we leave to the other guys - Egg Films.

Arcade is a new division of Egg Films, owned by managing director Colin Howard, director Lebogang Rasethaba, and producer Will Nicholson.
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