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Mobitainment is one of the founding, most awarded, independent, leading experts of mobile marketing in South Africa.

Do you agree that South Africans are not only mobile first, but mobile always? Then you need a mobile specialist that can do mobile all ways...

Mobitainment is a technology enabler, translating technology into business solutions and marketing results...
  • Not only focusing on the device-specific solutions but on the relevant and rewarding experiences enabled through an array of content around various mobile strategies
  • Using a mobile phone to enable a connection and conversation with your consumer
  • Becoming your helping hand to reach out and connect, court, converse and convert your target audience into a customer
  • Using Smart marketing solutions that have won us nine consecutive years of International and local Awards including DMA's SME of the Year and Direct Marketer of the Year.
  • Turning the mobile phone into the SELL phone!

Collaboration, integration, relevance, and personalisation are the keys to mobile marketing success, and for marketers to build long-lasting, loyal relationships with these on-the-go consumers.

Our focus is to deliver happiness to our clients by offering dedicated care, service and expertise, so that you can deliver happiness to yours!