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Chris MoerdykThe coronavirus pandemic has illustrated very clearly the importance and reliability of traditional mass media while at the same time showing up the flaws and dangers of online social platforms. 21 Jul 2020 Read more

Chris MoerdykIf history is anything to go by, the marketing world is about to be inundated with a tsunami of dodgy advice on advertising and public relations in a post-Covid-19 consumer world. Be careful. Be afraid. 17 Jun 2020 Read more

Chris MoerdykMarketing, especially advertising, social media and sponsorship, is going to change radically even when Covid-19 is completely defeated. 15 May 2020 Read more

Chris MoerdykIn South Africa, TV and radio stations as well as newspapers and online news platforms have all found themselves happily cooperating with the government on the Covid-19 pandemic because they really had no alternative. They were being kept informed straight from the shoulder and regularly. Hopefully now, government ministers as well as provincial and municipal leaders will have learnt the immense value of regular contact with the media. And that not trying to skirt around and lie about issues will always be best in the long run. 28 Apr 2020 Read more

Chris MoerdykWith meetings and workshops being discouraged for the duration of the coronavirus isolation period, technology and access to expert advice can come to your rescue. 23 Mar 2020 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe marketing environment in South Africa is in chaos. There is no other way of describing the loss of R50bn a year through ill-considered strategy, bad advertising and lack of research. 25 Feb 2020 Read more

Chris MoerdykSo, it's bad times for business and not a good time to create new products and brands? Wrong, wrong, wrong! History has shown that nothing stirs ingenuity like a bad economy because more than 50% of all companies on the Fortune 500 list right now, were founded during a recession or bear market. 24 Jan 2020 Read more

Choosing a brand name is a minefieldOne of the first things every modern entrepreneur has to do before wheeling his Volkswagen beetle out into the driveway so he can turn his garage into an office, is to think global. 11 Dec 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykOne of the most important things a company can do these days, is to resist the temptation to put one of those silly corporate mission statements or customer care plaques on the wall of their reception area. 19 Nov 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykI know I have said this before, but just about every time I hear some CEO or other talking on radio, I cringe at their pathetically patronising manners. Contrary to popular belief, mostly by MDs and CEOs, the vast majority of people who think they know how to communicate, actually haven't a clue. 22 Aug 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykIt is astounding how many captains of industry in South Africa shy away from the media instead of realising the enormous benefits of creating direct personal relationships. 21 Jun 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykGetting more business, staying in profit or just plain surviving, depends a lot on planning for things going wrong and knowing how to react quickly and properly. 28 May 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykI have been in the communications business for almost 50 years and instead of retiring I intend offering one-on-one coaching to anyone who needs it in the marketing industry or who is a full time or non-executive board member. 25 Apr 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykTen years ago, I posted the following warning and the situation has now worsened considerably with far too many companies still stuck in the past and wondering why their sales are struggling. 27 Mar 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykOne of the greatest disconnects in the world of marketing is the lack of understanding by PR and advertising agencies of their clients. 15 Feb 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykWith traditional mass media advertising so expensive these days some clever marketers are finding ways of vastly increasing their impact and reach. 18 Jan 2019 Read more

Chris MoerdykIt is usually folly to indulge in any form of crystal ball-gazing when it comes to the future of mass media and their relationships with the advertising world, but I have, for the past few months, been trying to arrive at what I think are some fairly logical conclusions. 27 Nov 2018 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe value of public relations is increasing by leaps and bounds in the overall marketing mix thanks to a combination of social media and a move by marketers to engage directly with their customers. 25 Oct 2018 Read more

Chris MoerdykNever before in the history of mankind has it been more difficult to get public attention as it is right now. And its driving brand managers to distraction. 26 Sep 2018 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe vast majority of the value of companies today is in their reputational goodwill. The risk of losing this value is now acknowledged as the "risk of all risks". 23 Aug 2018 Read more

Chris MoerdykRound about this time next year, I will be retiring gracefully and shutting down what has been a very rewarding and successful marketing consultancy for the past 21 years. 26 Jul 2018 Read more

Chris MoerdykRisk is not a four letter word. Ok, it is, but it isn't that sort of four letter word. In fact it's just the flip side of reward and reward is what we are all after in business. 24 May 2018 Read more

Chris MoerdykMaybe a lot of marketers like to intentionally confuse boards of directors and clients when it comes to "brands" and "branding". I cannot believe they are all that naive. 7 Feb 2018 Read more

Chris MoerdykPrint isn't dead. It's not even sick. And I aim to prove it this year. 12 Jan 2018 Read more

Chris MoerdykMy clients usually contact me about their corporate reputation only once some sort of assault has been made on their brand - which is fine, but also a bit late. 28 Nov 2017 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe biggest challenge faced by PR and advertising agencies is to persuade their clients not to cut their budgets when the economy turns sour. Like right now when the Business Confidence Index in South Africa is as low as it was when PW Botha made his ill-fated Rubicon Speech. 28 Sep 2017 Read more

Chris MoerdykA lot of South Africans would have clapped their hands with joy after hearing that Bell Pottinger had been found guilty by their UK representative body of breaching the PR code of ethics. But, as the biblical saying goes, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. 29 Aug 2017 Read more

Chris MoerdykIt is human nature that clients don't always listen to their PR and ad agencies and it often takes an independent outside “guru” to confirm what they are being told before clients sign off on strategy and campaigns. 12 May 2017 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe burning Ford Kuga issue is not only a PR nightmare but a demonstration of how badly social media is handled in South Africa. 17 Jan 2017 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe vast majority of websites and online retail platforms are absolutely pathetic and amateurish. And desperately in need of help. 11 Oct 2016 Read more

Chris MoerdykFar too many PR people these days still believe that press releases are mainly what media relations are all about. They are wrong. Very wrong. 30 Aug 2016 Read more

Chris MoerdykPR people and other corporate marketers need to work harder on getting their boards of directors to stop being in denial about social media and the digital world. And the best way of doing that is to show them how much money they are wasting. 27 Jul 2016 Read more

Chris MoerdykWhen times are tough, marketers and ad agencies encourage their clients not to cut back on advertising or marketing spend. But actually, you can. 28 Jun 2016 Read more

Chris MoerdykMarketing is moving so fast its transition is like playing a five-day cricket test and then going straight into the Indian Premier League 20-over circus with dancing girls and fireworks. 27 May 2016 Read more

Chris MoerdykSouth Africa wastes R50bn a year on inefficient marketing strategy, misguided advertising and sponsorship but also through advertisers not really checking to see whether the ads they have paid for have actually been flighted on radio and TV, published in print or appeared online. 17 Mar 2016 Read more

Chris MoerdykA growing number of chief executives and members of corporate boards in South Africa are becoming alarmed at the amount of money their companies are wasting every year through bad marketing. The average wastage on marketing budgets for corporate South Africa runs at about 25 percent. 11 Feb 2016 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe objective of branding today is to make customers so loyal to your company or product that they don't even think about going somewhere else. 13 Nov 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykHaving just been appointed non-executive chairman of the board of a financial services company, I am both delighted and excited at the prospect and even more enthusiastic as ever about what marketers can add to corporate boards. 27 Oct 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykToo many marketers as well as brand and advertising managers still aren't thinking things through and these mistakes are costing a fortune. 30 Sep 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykTimes have changed, but only a few advertisers and PR people have realised it, with the rest continuing their outdated obsession with the written word. 25 Aug 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykNot only is retail advertising generally inefficient in South Africa but the majority of the big chains are missing out on profit opportunities by letting customers leave their stores unhappy. 28 Jul 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykMarketers, PR people and especially ad agencies are breaking the first rule of their own trade by not talking to their target markets in a language they understand. It's so bad it's the equivalent of running Croatian soap powder ads in Peru. 9 Jun 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykRight now, far too many CEOs think social media is just a passing teenage fad but what they are seeing is the tip of an iceberg that will sink their corporate ship if they continue to ignore it. 8 May 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykCorporate South Africa should be applauded for its massive social investment but strangely enough many shy away from publicising what they do. 21 Apr 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykA successful corporate event basically depends on four things - the right target market, attention to detail, relevance and that last 10 percent that is the difference between success and failure. 10 Mar 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykOne of the biggest challenges marketers face today is how to get kids, teenagers and young adults to notice ads when they don't watch TV or read newspapers. 24 Feb 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe biggest challenge marketers and especially advertisers will face in 2015 is pressure to cut budgets. But, there is a way out. 27 Jan 2015 Read more

Chris MoerdykOver the past year I've been working on creating an online educational programme and learning community targeted at anybody interested in learning more about marketing. 29 Jan 2014 Read more

Chris MoerdykI have calculated that about R50 billion - yes, billion - is wasted on bad marketing decisions in South Africa every year and independent research has shown that 20 per cent of all advertising in this country doesn't work. 4 Sep 2013 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe education of our children has always been emotive and when the mass media is added to the mix, volatility is inevitable. 4 May 2012 Read more

Chris MoerdykOf all the requests for help I get, asking me to put someone in touch with potential sponsors is top of the list. If it's worthwhile, which it is in only a minority of cases, I pass on the necessary infomation. But mostly, that question comes from people who haven't planned properly, but just worked away on their big idea and as a kind of afterthought, started desperately looking for someone to pump money into it. 22 Mar 2012 Read more

Chris MoerdykMarketing in South Africa is rapidly moving toward direct contact with target markets and at the same time sponsors are realising the need to not only get a good return on investment but also to develop communities which in turn creates powerful brand loyalty. 12 Dec 2011 Read more

Chris MoerdykGlobal economic chaos and talks of double-dip recessions, it's no wonder that South African businesses are concerned about what is in store for them in the months and years ahead. 30 Sep 2011 Read more

Chris MoerdykWhy is there so much crap advertising about today? And why is it that unscrupulous clients are able to rip off agencies during pitch processes without so much a twinge of guilt about stealing ideas and defrauding intellectual capital? 31 Aug 2011 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe good news is that marketing is getting cheaper and even better news is that it is all getting easier. 30 Jun 2011 Read more

Chris MoerdykWith marketing costs having gone up substantially in the past few years, more and more boards of directors and non-marketing CEOs are demanding answers with regard to actual returns on investment and measurement. 29 Apr 2011 Read more

Chris MoerdykPR practitioners need to be very careful when they try to kid people they're celebrities or influential while back at the ranch they're actually just one notch above rent-a-crowd. 24 Mar 2011 Read more

Chris MoerdykFar too many marketers and advertisers in South Africa today are still confusing culture and race. Culture is important in marketing today but race is completely irrelevant. You can't just group all whites and all blacks into a single target market. Marketing is about emotion and aspiration not pigmentation. 24 Feb 2011 Read more

Chris MoerdykAccountability, measurement, getting closer to customers and understanding the opportunity of new media and pressurea on the old, are all important role players for the year ahead. 26 Jan 2011 Read more

Chris MoerdykWith marketing costs having gone up substantially in the past few years, more and more boards of directors and non-marketing CEOs are demanding answers with regard to actual returns on investment and measurement... 17 Dec 2010 Read more

Chris Moerdyk2011 is going to be a year in which marketers and especially advertisers are challenged to the limit with an increasing number of CEOs and financial directors insisting on more precise returns on investment and a lot more measurement of marketing strategies and funds employed. 22 Nov 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykMarketing is now as important as cashflow, the balance sheet, IT and human resource management. 27 Oct 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykMobile devices don't just mean cell phones anymore. They have literally grown up and will soon be having a huge impact on South African business. 15 Sep 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykGetting a measurable return on investment from advertising, branding and PR depends entirely on making sure they are monitored by marketing. 17 Aug 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykI've started having these marketing nightmares lately. A few nights ago I had a dream about the beggar who regularly comes to my gate asking for a cup of tea or a handful of change and suddenly, there he was in a pinstripe suit declining my offer of a cuppa. 30 Jul 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykSome South Africans have made some good profits out of the 2010 World Cup so far but others have missed out completely. And the difference is all about one of the most important components of marketing - pricing. 21 Jun 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykMost internal communications methods are outdated and inefficient. Getting something that works means thinking logically and making things simple. 13 May 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykMost notably, digital marketing is driving significant structural and operational changes in global marketing groups, according to the CMO Council's comprehensive 2010 State of Marketing Report and Outlook Audit. 23 Apr 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykAdvertising, PR and any other parts of marketing can be measured. Sometimes its not easy, sometimes it can be expensive but at all times it's entirely possible. 18 Mar 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykRed Bull International is a world leader in guerilla and below-the-line marketing and has mastered the art of using video images to promote themselves on the web and on mobile. 9 Feb 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe success of marketing strategy in particular and corporate strategy in general, very much depends on making sure that everyone in the company is singing from the same song sheet. But, beware of how workshops and strat sessions are used as a solution - they can often do more harm than good. 26 Jan 2010 Read more

Chris MoerdykMarketing is a complex, expensive business and even the most carefully laid plans need an objective second opinion to ensure that everything goes to plan. 18 Nov 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykNot enough marketing budget? Frustrating isn't it? Tell me, I've been there. But, there is a solution to not only making a budget stretch but actually getting more money into the marketing kitty without having to beg the boss or the board for it. 29 Sep 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykRelationship marketing. That's the buzz these days. One on one. Eye to eye. Mano a mano. Get to know your customer, build a relationship, get some trust going and all will be hunky-dory and smell like roses. 25 Aug 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykThere are two really important things business needs to do during a recession and prosper in an increasingly competitive South Africa. 10 Jul 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykIf marketing is applied properly, it simply cannot fail. 11 Jun 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykGetting more business, staying in profit or just plain surviving, depends a lot on planning for things going wrong and knowing how to react quickly and properly. 27 May 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykIn tough economic times it is essential that you make sure your customers are actually noticing your products and seeing the right messages in your advertising and promotions. 30 Apr 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykSome of the best business ideas and many great global brands were born during the recession of the early 1970s, proving that tough times can be turned into profitable times. And with marketing being such an important factor in business today, here are ten ways of beating the tough times. 9 Mar 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykWith most corporate budgets being cut back, marketing is not escaping the axe, but it is possible and sometimes easy to achieve more with less. 13 Feb 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykAs more and more consumers take to complaining about products and services online and in social network forums, ignoring this phenomenon is simply no longer an option for any business. 15 Jan 2009 Read more

Chris MoerdykMarketing is all about attention to detail. To make sure that you don't contribute to the R50 billion that is wasted in South Africa every year because someone wasn't thinking things through. Take functions and events for example. Or even plain and simple meetings. 3 Dec 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykI'm finding that a lot of companies that send their executives and staff to many of the seminars and workshops being offered right now, are beginning to wonder whether these are providing any sort of value. 11 Nov 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykFighting for a bigger share of a shrinking market does not mean having to spend more money but rather just being a bit more logical. 6 Oct 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykMotivated, committed employees make for increased productivity and more profit. And the way in which management communicates with them can be the key to successful motivation or an absolute confidence and commitment killer. 4 Sep 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykSurviving tough times isn't about impressing customers when they walk into your shop or reception area with cute little chunks of corporate vision nestling in neat little frames all over the wall. 7 Aug 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykWhen times are tough the natural inclination is to cut down on marketing and particularly advertising expenditure. Which is fine - but on condition that one has a long hard look at how efficient your marketing and advertising is. 2 Jul 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykOne of the biggest myths in marketing is that advertising and public relations are not measurable. Marketing managers, ad agency execs and media owners who tell that to their clients should be fired - plain and simple. 5 Jun 2008 Read more

With the relaxation of promotional restraints and an increase in competition among legal and accounting firms, two specialist marketers have collaborated to provide marketing strategy and implementation for professions such as legal and accounting as well as the medical and construction industries. 5 May 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykIf you have to bribe someone to persuade a customer to purchase your product, you might have a short-term solution but inevitably a long-term problem. 2 Apr 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykGetting a measureable return on investment from advertising depends entirely on making sure it is monitored by marketing. 4 Mar 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykMusic can play an important role at marketing functions but be careful, it can also be a brand killer. For instance, doesn't it make you mad when you go out to a restaurant to have a quiet evening chatting to friends or family and the background music is so loud you can't hear yourself eat? 7 Feb 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykHere's something to hand out to people in your company who think they're good communicators. Contrary to popular belief, mostly by MDs and CEOs, the vast majority of people who think they know how to communicate, actually haven't a clue. Ironic isn't it - that the very thing so fundamental to business is something that human beings are so singularly useless at. Communication. More specifically, inter-personal communication. 8 Jan 2008 Read more

Chris MoerdykBrands of all shapes and sizes in South Africa will face some unique challenges in 2008 as previously apathetic consumers discover more about what competition is all about and start playing one brand off against the other in earnest. 4 Dec 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykWhen you think about it, all that executive time spent on producing a company five year plan, is mostly a complete waste of time and money. 4 Oct 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykWith 20 per cent of all advertising failing or negatively affecting the brand it is supposed to be promoting, it only takes a tiny amount of time and money to make sure that a huge bundle of both is not being wasted. 5 Sep 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykIf only company CEOs would take the trouble to understand the intricacies of engaging the media they could add millions to the bottom line with minimal investment. 13 Aug 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykOne of the biggest corporate problems today is that top management is so busy looking after its day-to-day business that they miss all sorts of wonderful opportunities by not knowing what is going on around them. 4 Jul 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe biggest problem faced by brand managers, PRO's, ad and events people and marketers in general is that their clients or boards of directors don't take them seriously. 8 Jun 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykThe most important thing to remember about marketing communication is that it has nothing to do with what you or your company wants to say but everything to do with what the consumer wants to hear. But, it's not that simple. 7 May 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykThere is a huge demand these days for information and analysis of global marketing trends, case histories and successful ideas and with few executives having the time or the inclination to research it all. Help is now at hand. 12 Apr 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykNot having enough budget is something that frustrates every marketer these days. But, there is a solution to not only making a budget stretch but actually getting more money into the marketing kitty without having to beg the boss or the board for it. 1 Mar 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykWith marketing costs having gone up substantially in the past few years, more and more boards of directors and non-marketing CEOs are demanding answers with regard to actual returns on investment and measurement. 7 Feb 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykA common myth about marketing is that it is so shrouded in mystery it is difficult to make sense of it all. In actual fact, it is so down-to-earth and logical it would probably be the most deadly boring of all the business disciplines if so-called marketing gurus didn't keep confusing their clients with unnecessary ambiguity and enchantment, with the result that the unwary end up trying to make magic mountains out of marketing molehills. 30 Jan 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykOne of the biggest dangers in marketing today is that far too much emphasis is being placed on "awareness". Even worse, awareness is seen by many advertisers to be the one and only yardstick in determining the success of failure of marketing communications. 26 Jan 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykIronic, isn't it? That the very thing so fundamental to business is something that human beings are so singularly useless at - communication. More specifically, inter-personal communication. Of all living organisms, homo sapiens comes stone last. Even bacteria communicate better. 25 Jan 2007 Read more

Chris MoerdykInevitably as companies start to grow they are often confronted with having to spend more and more on marketing and advertising. And as this investment increases, so does the need to ensure a good return and top-quality service. 23 Jan 2007 Read more