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UBU International is a white label mobile discovery, payments and rewards platform for digital and physical commerce that brings communities to life by enabling growth using traditional business and new technologies.
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Serving up zero: Covid hits the food and beverage industry hardThe current coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown period continue to leave the food and beverage industry teetering on the brink. Every day, more and more restaurateurs face the grim prospect of closing their doors, many of them permanently. 28 Aug 2020 Read more

The magic of mobile wallet marketingMobile wallets are rapidly gaining momentum as effective and convenient payment solutions for many consumers. If you own a smartphone, then the chances are that you form part of the large percentage of users who currently make use of at least one mobile wallet application. 27 Aug 2020 Read more

New platform aims to boost buy-local efforts and business recoverySouth Africa is the first region to benefit from a new, white label mobile payment, customer loyalty and rewards programme, with the launch of UBU International. The platform-based ecosystem converts the massive power of mobile search for products and services into feet through the doors of local physical and digital retailers. 26 Aug 2020 Read more

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