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KLA is an intelligence and insights agency that helps our clients solve key strategic business questions.
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Why real-time, always-on consumer data is a necessityIn the first article of this series, KLA's research director Caitlin Bauristhene drew on the film Moneyball to illustrate why businesses that embrace data will thrive. Now we go deeper, exploring the benefits of having access to a continuous flow of consumer data in a changed world. 25 Nov 2020 Read more

Data in business - and when to call in the cavalryJump forward 10 years, to 2030, and all businesses will have data-driven consumer insights at their fingertips, influencing every decision they make. 9 Oct 2020 Read more

KLA, local market research firm, joins YouGov's Global Partnerships ProgrammeSouth African market research agency KLA is proud to announce its new affiliation with YouGov, as part of YouGov's Global Partnerships Programme. 22 Sep 2020 Read more

KLA Market Research opens a London officeKLA Market Research is delighted to announce the opening of a London office headed up by consumer insights specialist, Lyndsay Mac Dougall, who has rejoined the KLA team. Dougall's career spans over 25 years, during which time she has worked with a diverse range of clients and industries in the UK, South Africa and Africa. 28 Apr 2020 Read more

Mining for gold: How to unlock surprising insights to drive brand innovationAs with most sectors and professions today, consumer insights and marketing professionals are under pressure to reinvent their solutions and drive brand innovation - as well as longevity. For those within the consumer insights sphere, there is a growing need to discover ways to unlock the more unexpected or surprising insights, and hence provide brands and businesses with much needed competitive advantages. Often, surprising insights are found when consumers feel comfortable to express themselves, and from probes or questions that researchers may not have originally planned to ask. But can the profession rely simply on bouts of spontaneity - and the occasional moment of inspiration - to uncover these insights? Additionally, how can we ensure that research yields surprising insights every time? 21 Apr 2020 Read more

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