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#MarketingMasterminds: Blue Robot | Facebook Marketing Partner | Kyle Oosthuizen

This month's Marketing Mastermind is Blue Robot, a company that delivers social messaging and interactive brand experiences for brands across the globe. Kyle Oosthuizen, COO, discusses what being a Facebook Marketing Partner means, and the benefits it carries for the business and its clients...

Issued by Facebook 26 Feb 2021

#MarketingMasterminds: Mondelez | Cadbury Dairy Milk | Generosity campaign

This month's Marketing Mastermind is Alanta Moodley, category brand manager at Mondelez International. She discusses the Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity campaign...

Issued by Facebook 18 Jan 2021

#MarketingMasterminds: Carling Black Label | The Bravest Thing

This month's Marketing Mastermind is Arne´ Rust, Carling Black Label brand director. He discusses The Bravest Thing; a campaign that showcased how brands can quickly pivot during the time of Covid-19, while making great impact within their communities...

Issued by Facebook 6 Jul 2020

#MarketingMasterminds: Mondelez: 5Star

This month's Marketing Mastermind is Binita Jhina, Media Manager for South and West Africa at Mondelez, responsible for the Chocolate, Biscuit, and Gum and Candy categories. She discusses how Cadbury drove brand awareness and sales of the 5Star chocolate bar through a Facebook and Instagram campaign...

Issued by Facebook 4 May 2020

#MarketingMasterminds: How Carling Black Label Changed the Game

This month's Marketing Mastermind is Khwezi Vika, Carling Black Label brand manager for South Africa and Africa. He discusses the innovative game changer of a campaign that invited football fans to literally change the beautiful game...

Issued by Facebook 27 Mar 2020

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