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Watch the Roast of Somizi for freePrepare yourself for an epic binge - the Comedy Central Roast of Somizi is now streaming on Showmax. The full 106-minute uncut, uncensored version is strictly for over 18s - you've been warned. 10 May 2018 Read more

Kim Dotcom - The man who got between America and its moneyIf you get between America and its money, you can bet your bottom dollar that the state will come after you, no matter where you go. 7 May 2018 Read more

What is Bitcoin, and why should I care?The insane volatility of the cryptocurrency market is something the financial world has never seen before. 4 May 2018 Read more

I have the power! Marvel's Runaways is first and only on ShowmaxSix childhood friends who've grown apart are brought back together when they find out, to their horror, that their parents are part of a secret evil organisation called The Pride in Season 1 of Marvel's Runaways (2017, first and only on Showmax). 17 Apr 2018 Read more

How Warren Buffett became the world's richest investorThe Oracle of Omaha had an approach that didn't make him very popular with his fellow billionaires. Because in the end Warren Buffett decided to give away over 99% of his wealth to charity, and as it stands he's already given away well over $25 billion dollars with plans to increase that to over $100 billion. 16 Apr 2018 Read more

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